A Perfect Pair: A Newson Cabinet and Rock Candy Lamps!

If you’ve caught any of our previous Perfect Pair blog posts, you know we love to pair contrasting pieces of furniture with Swank Lighting lamps for dynamic results. Today, you might be a little surprised by our combination choices, which have more in common than previous pairs…

Yesterday we covered contemporary designer Marc Newson. Though we loved all his biomorphic chair designs, we really liked this cabinet he designed from the early nineties. Still exhibiting Newson’s characteristic organic shapes, this cabinet is simple and straightforward. Featuring an organically-shaped white oval on 4 modern legs, the cabinet has two large openings and no doors. We’d love to see a cabinet like this placed in front of a painted or wall-papered wall so the shape really pops. Being of a white color, this sort of cabinet could fit in with many different palettes, and we even think it could work in a number of design styles.

Swank Lighting’s Recycled Rock Candy Glass Lamps in Clear Frost are an interesting pair. Made of--you guessed it--recycled glass, they feature many natural and unique design details that reveal themselves the more you look at them. Overall a clear, almost whitish color, the lamps also feature specks of red, blue and other colors that really give them interest. We of course especially love the awesome texture the lamps exhibit, inherent to the material.

Combined, the Newson cabinet and Recycled Rock Candy Lamps are dynamic in a slowly-revealing and subtle way. They each feature a soft, neutral color-palette, but also details that when studied really make them stand out. The cabinet’s fun, modern and organic shape helps it stand apart from other modern cabinets, and the lamps’ texture and pops of secret color make them dynamic. Individually, they don’t seem too crazy, but together they create an absolutely exciting combo that would make for an amazing room transformation. Just because they lack a lot of color doesn’t mean they lack a lot of style. We’d love to see this pair in a space-aged or 2001: A Space Odyssey-themed room!